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Our Team

President & Sales Representative

David Anderson has over thirty years of sales experience working closely with Best Buy.  David’s history with Best Buy spans back to when there were only six stores.  As Best Buy has grown, David has worked with many manufacturers to bring new technology to market. Working closely with the Best Buy team and his manufacturers,  David has helped to launch many new technologically innovative 
products.  His successful sales equation has been repeated and proven many times over the past twenty-five years.  David’s excellent reputation is known widely within the business community.

David Anderson

Vice President & Sales Representative

Dale Berg has over twenty years of retail experience. His history within this industry includes working at Best Buy Corporate as a buyer for five years and Target Corporation for nearly three years as a buyer. Dale has over seven years of sales experience with both Best Buy and Target.  He brings a unique angle to the sales process having been a merchant responsible for category strategies for a variety of 

Dale Berg

Sales Representative

Jesse Anderson has over fourteen years of experience working closely with David and Dale.  Jesse graduated from the Minnesota School of Business, with a degree in Business Management with an emphasis in marketing. Jesse has led new product launches and managed business at Best Buy/Best, Evine Live, Kmart, and other local accounts. Jesse has worked closely with many of our vendors in helping to develop new products and bringing them to market. 

Jesse Anderson

Senior Account Manager

Allison Raimann has sixteen years of experience working as sales support for both David and Dale  with Best Buy. Allison also has experience with a few smaller retailers throughout the twin cities metro area.  She graduated from Northern State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administrative Systems with a focus in Management Information Systems. Allison’s current behind the scenes knowledge of Best Buy and how it works is a valuable asset to our team.

Allison Raimann

Account Manager

Sarah Riley has over four years of retail sales experience at a High-End Residential Lighting and Home Accessories Showroom. She has been with Focus Sales for over 10 years, focusing on Target accounts. Sarah earned her degree in Interior Design from the Art Institutes International  Minnesota. Sarah’s background in design has brought unique perspective to Focus Sales team allowing us to branch out and use her knowledge. She has extensive experience with home décor, kitchen and office accessories, furniture, small appliances, baby products and electronics.

Sarah Riley
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